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Where Do I Put My Medical Proxy?

Hi Everyone,

Happy Wednesday! This is an incredibly busy time of year between graduations, and field days, and all of the other end-of-school activities.  So I'm here to keep you on task a little bit.  This week we're talking about your Medical Proxy.

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of creating a basic estate plan for young adults.  Now, I want to talk about what you're supposed to do with your documents after they are signed, in particular, what to do with your Medical Proxy.

Most people are so excited that they signed their estate plan that the final steps tend to be overlooked.  Hey, we're busy! I get it.  However, it's really important to store your Medical Proxy in the following places:
  1.       With your primary care physician
  2.       With any specialty doctors (if applicable)
  3.       With the person you've chosen to act as your Medical Proxy
  4.       Your patient portal if possible
  5.      Electronically - either e-mail yourself or place a copy on the cloud in case you're traveling
  6.       Your vehicle - the chances of something happening are typically in your car!

Just because you've signed, does not mean that you're done.  Remember, it's more important that these documents are accessible rather than being locked in a safe or a safety deposit box.  How'd you do? Go ahead and start disseminating copies of your Medical Proxy in the aforementioned places.  If you need to create a Medical Proxy or revisit your estate plan, please call us today!  

Until next time,