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“Amy was both thoughtful and thorough when helping us plan our estate. She truly cares about her clients and ensuring that, should the worst happen, our children will be well-cared for.”

Amy C., of Hopkinton
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When the word divorce entered my life I felt very lost. I picked Jason Carrozza and Amy Antonellis from the internet and from the first phone call with Amy I knew things would be ok. They helped me step by step through the divorce process and made me feel secure and confident that I could do it. They had my back all the way and I'm so very grateful. They also helped me with my Estate Planning and I will be calling them again to draw up my Will.

Lois Flanagan of North Attleboro
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My wife and I hired Jason Carrozza to write up our wills - so that everything will be taken care of if something happens to us (end of life decisions, who gets our assets and so on). If we had known how simple the process is, we would have done it sooner. Jason did a great job. Thanks!!”

Rori S., of Medway
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“Amy Antonellis is a lawyer totally committed to client service.  Through personal experience she has a deep understanding of what her clients need in the area of estate planning.

Amy came prepared with different options to fit our unique needs and goals.  She successfully guided us through the process, explaining details in a way that was easy to understand and helping us make the right combination of estate planning choices for our family.  Amy not only covered the monetary areas, but also our health care directive to the most personal detail. 

With our estate plan and trust in place, we now have a much better sense on the importance of estate planning.  In addition, Amy created a notebook and CD containing all the documents that facilitate our plan allowing us to have a one stop location for this important documentation.

We highly recommend Amy to anyone needing an estate plan.  She is thorough, flexible, knowledgeable and professional.  We were completely satisfied and look forward to a long term relationship.”

Mary Ellen B., of Natick
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“We are grateful and proud of Jason’s commitment to equal access to justice.  Attorney Carrozza’s work is in the finest traditions of the legal profession.”

Mary C., of Boston
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“I want to thank Jason Carrozza for helping us with his understanding heart as well as his patience with me.  I really appreciate his effort in helping our family.” 

Gina M., of Randolph
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“I am a 42 year old father of 2 who had just gone through a divorce. I always knew I needed to have a Will but was hesitant because to be honest it’s such a “gloomy” discussion! I didn’t know enough about it, my family never discussed it, and I didn’t want to get into who gets what, what goes where, etc. I met Amy and instantly knew I was in the right place. Amy walked me through how a Will works; we talked about Trusts, Health Care Proxy, etc. She took her time with me and made sure I understood everything. A key factor in this whole process is the maintenance afterwards. Your Will may need to be altered or added to somewhere down the line. Anyone can put this together but it’s when families change, laws are updated, all kinds of aspects of your Will may need to be tailored in the future – that’s where you need someone knowledgeable, up to date and concerned for your affairs in your corner.

Amy made sure that all my decisions where to protect my loved ones. She genuinely cared about my daughter’s well being…that’s what changed Amy from my Lawyer to my friend.”

Dimitri K., of Ashland
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“Jason Carrozza came to our house, explained our estate plan to us in terms that we could understand and took the time to answer our questions. We never felt rushed and he put us at ease that he was going to take care of everything. I was very impressed with his knowledge of the law and genuine interest in our concerns. I would highly recommend Family Legal Partners, P.C. to anyone looking for estate planning.”

Edward R., of Uxbridge
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“We first met Jason at an estate planning seminar at Tri County Vocational School in Franklin. Jason presented a clear and concise overview of all the components of a good estate plan and the associated documents required. Subsequently, at our initial plan meeting, we discussed the many options in putting together a plan. He was very thorough and answered our questions as we went through the process.  In the end, we are very satisfied with the final package. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

Edward T., of Franklin
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“Mr. Carrozza conducted himself in a professional, well organized manner. His calm demeanor was very much appreciated under the stressful conditions associated with the court system and confronting my exhusband. I felt confident that my concerns would be addressed appropriately. His prompt follow up with my case was impressive, I received all my papers that same day. I will seek Mr. Carrozza's help again, if need be.”

Paul S., of Norwood
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