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What Do a Marathon and an Estate Plan Have in Common?

Hi Everyone,

Happy Wednesday! One piece of advice that I typically tell people when we are talking about their trust funding is that, “funding is a marathon, not a sprint.”  It’s important to systematically go through your assets and beneficiary designations and ensure that they are all updated in accordance with your estate planing goals and objectives.  Taking a step back from estate planning for a minute, let’s have a little fun. In honor of the Boston Marathon, here are some fun Marathon facts:

  • The first Boston Marathon was run on April 19, 1897.
  • The race is always held on Patriots Day, which used to always be April 19th.  Patriots Day is now celebrated on the 3rd Monday in April.
  • Women were not officially allowed to enter the race until 1972.
  • The Wheelchair Division was added in 1975.
  •  The winners of this year’s Boston Marathon are Yuki Kawauchi of Japan in the men's division and Desiree Linden of the United States in the women's division (the first American woman to win the race in 40 years!).

While we all may not be marathon runners, it’s important that we either make it to the starting line or finish the estate plan that we started!  If it’s time for you to work out the details of your own estate plan, please contact us today.

Until next time,