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Sean C., of Uxbridge

“Attorney Carrozza cares. Not only will you receive the most professional of services and attention to detail, but you will be guided by someone that takes a personal interest in your case. Attorney Carrozza takes a vested interest in your case.  I was stuck in a horrible custody battle and maternal international abduction case in 2009, with no positive outcome foreseeable. Attorney Carrozza handled my case with true professionalism and ultimately steered it to a very successful outcome for myself and my son.  In searching for a reliable attorney, I visited and contacted many before him. When I discussed my case and my attempts to rescue my son from South America, most of the attorneys didn't even mention my son's name or even seem to care other than anything about how much of a retainer I would present.  Attorney Carrozza is not guided by nor driven by dollar signs. He cares about you and your case. He will fight tooth and nail for you to the very end.”