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How We Stand Out…

What makes our firm different is that we appreciate and understand how emotionally difficult this process can be and the adjustments you are continuously facing. No one wants to stay in that uncomfortable place longer than necessary. Our primary objective is to get this unfortunate chapter of your life closed so you can begin focusing on the more pleasant aspects of life. As such, we tailor your representation in a manner to secure an efficient and fair resolution, while zealously advocating and protecting your rights. Because we believe empowering you with knowledge helps dissolve some of your worry and fears, we take the time to explain, develop, and create a comprehensive strategy plan aimed toward securing a fair resolution. At FLP, we partner with you in the divorce process so you do not have to face it alone and we do it with compassion.

Unlike other law firms, client communication is of paramount importance to us. We pride ourselves on keeping you timely apprised of all developments until your matter has been concluded. As your case is pending, we invest the time necessary to prepare you for any foreseeable deviations from the initially charted “plan” and make adjustments to our representation accordingly. Being proactive in this regard generally means securing a quicker resolution.

In light of our client centric approach and high standards of service, we timely address your questions, stay attentive to your needs, and ensure that we have the most in depth understanding of your changing circumstances.

Lastly, FLP truly prides itself on taking a holistic approach to family law. This means understanding that divorce is more than a legal event and that the true impact goes much deeper. There is a human element at play that transcends the law. In acknowledgment of that, we are concerned with your overall well being and often will recommend other professionals to help you where we fall short as attorneys. Whether this means referring you to someone who specializes in therapy, renting or purchasing a new home, managing your finances, or preparing your taxes. There are many pieces at play and we do a great job thinking beyond the legal process.

At FLP, we acknowledge the position you are in, the decisions that you face, and the changes that lie ahead. We take our role as effective divorce attorneys very seriously, but recognize the human aspect that requires compassion and protection. We are your partner in the legal process and will not let you face it alone.

If we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to call us at (508) 739-6777. We are here for you and willing to help during your time of need.