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“My husband and I were fortunate to receive the name of Amy Antonellis from our financial advisor at Cambridge Investments. Amy was very professional and met with us several times at our home to thoroughly explain every step of our trust and the entire process of estate planning . We would highly recommend her for any young family who is planning for their family’s future.”

Amy S., of Swansea
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"Amy is a very knowledgeable attorney. She is up to date with the new laws and more importantly, has the experience that allows her to help her clients with suggestions and recommendations. Estate planning can be a complicated affair, and it is always best to have a competent attorney that will walk you through the process. I felt very comfortable working with Amy as my attorney and will recommend her to anyone.”

Beatriz S., of Holliston
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“Jason assisted our family with wills, powers of attorney, health care proxies, and a family trust. We found Jason to be knowledgeable, helpful, and completed our request in very short order. We would be happy to work with Jason again.”

James F., of Franklin
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“Amy Antonellis is a lawyer totally committed to client service.  Through personal experience she has a deep understanding of what her clients need in the area of estate planning.

Amy came prepared with different options to fit our unique needs and goals.  She successfully guided us through the process, explaining details in a way that was easy to understand and helping us make the right combination of estate planning choices for our family.  Amy not only covered the monetary areas, but also our health care directive to the most personal detail. 

With our estate plan and trust in place, we now have a much better sense on the importance of estate planning.  In addition, Amy created a notebook and CD containing all the documents that facilitate our plan allowing us to have a one stop location for this important documentation.

We highly recommend Amy to anyone needing an estate plan.  She is thorough, flexible, knowledgeable and professional.  We were completely satisfied and look forward to a long term relationship.”

Mary Ellen B., of Natick
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“We are grateful and proud of Jason’s commitment to equal access to justice.  Attorney Carrozza’s work is in the finest traditions of the legal profession.”

Mary C., of Boston
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“Jason is a knowledgeable attorney in many legal areas. He is professional, polite and dedicated to providing quality service. I wouldn't use any other attorney!”

Mary C., of Bridgewater
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“Jason Carrozza has provided my family and I with peace of mind. After we had put it off for a long time, he worked with us to prepare our estate plan and made the entire process seem nearly effortless. Jason addressed our particular concerns with knowledge, integrity, and experience, and had brought to our attention many aspects of our situation that we had not even considered. Working with Jason has proven to be a very enlightening and rewarding experience and I never hesitate to recommend him.”

Michele W., of Mendon
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“Attorney Carrozza cares. Not only will you receive the most professional of services and attention to detail, but you will be guided by someone that takes a personal interest in your case. Attorney Carrozza takes a vested interest in your case.  I was stuck in a horrible custody battle and maternal international abduction case in 2009, with no positive outcome foreseeable. Attorney Carrozza handled my case with true professionalism and ultimately steered it to a very successful outcome for myself and my son.  In searching for a reliable attorney, I visited and contacted many before him. When I discussed my case and my attempts to rescue my son from South America, most of the attorneys didn't even mention my son's name or even seem to care other than anything about how much of a retainer I would present.  Attorney Carrozza is not guided by nor driven by dollar signs. He cares about you and your case. He will fight tooth and nail for you to the very end.”

Sean C., of Uxbridge
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“Attorney Amy Antonellis is no ordinary personal family lawyer, she's simply extraordinary. As I’ve been preparing for a year- long journey to different parts of the world, I learned that I needed to make a plan in case some thing should happen to me while I am on the field. When I met with Attorney Atonellis and told her my situation, and she advised me to have a Living Will and a Power of Attorney. As we were drawing up the documents, Attorney Antonellis respectfully informed me of every step of the process, and equipped me with knowledge and an awareness of my rights that I didn’t even know I had. My experience with Attorney Antonellis was so helpful that I plan to be keeping in touch with her as I go on my journey. For anyone or any family that is seeking to plan in the midst of a big life change, or even to plan long-term, I absolutely recommend Attorney Antonellis’ services.”

Kim H., of Dartmouth
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My wife and I hired Jason Carrozza to write up our wills - so that everything will be taken care of if something happens to us (end of life decisions, who gets our assets and so on). If we had known how simple the process is, we would have done it sooner. Jason did a great job. Thanks!!”

Rori S., of Medway
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