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Taking Legal Services to a New Level

Amy Antonellis and Jason Carrozza

Family Legal Partners, P.C. is the realized vision of Attorneys Jason M. Carrozza and Amy M. Antonellis. They are both passionate about the practice of law and have combined their talents and strengths to redefine how legal services should be delivered, reset the standard for client service, and forge long lasting client relationships predicated on trust. They believe the attorney-client experience should be more than solving a one-time problem, but rather forging a life-long relationship. Accordingly, FLP provides legal service and support to its clients as their life unfolds.

Introducing our newest team member

Jason and Amy recently added Tasha S. Levenson to their team. She is a talented associate who will expand the professional and relationship-driven focus of Family Legal Partners. Tasha will help further their mission with her expertise in estate planning and probate administration. Tasha is driven and hard-working and looks forward to serving the valuable FLP clients.

Amy M. Antonellis and Jason M. Carrozza and Tasha S. Levenson