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Spousal Support (Alimony)

In Massachusetts, a substantial change in need or ability to pay can be grounds for the modification of alimony. You may be able to lower what you pay, increase what you receive, or have payments terminated all together.

Complaint for Contempt

When a party willfully disregards a divorce decree or order, the aggrieved party may seek court assistance.

At the time of your divorce, child support, custody and parenting plan, and spousal support (alimony) orders were finalized by the court. From that point forward, both you and your spouse were legally obligated to follow the court’s order. The purpose of contempt action is to coerce the disobedient party into complying with an outstanding order or judgment. To put it another way, contempt is used to enforce clear, unequivocal court orders which are willfully disregarded and not being obeyed. Contempt is the process you use to force the other party to comply with the court order or judgment.