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Now Is The Time To Expect The Unexpected

If I’ve learned anything in this lifetime it’s that anything is possible and that it’s important to expect the unexpected.  This could not be truer when it comes to estate planning.  By the time you need an estate plan in place, typically it’s too late!

 No, I’m not going doom and gloom here.  Quite the opposite, actually.  The easiest and most convenient time to set up your estate plan is when it’s not a necessity in your immediate future.  I always tell people that there is no extra mental space when you’re in crisis mode.  I promise, it’s easier having these estate planning conversations sitting across a table than it is when you’re trying to implement a crash plan in a hospital or a facility.    

So, please click here to see what is included in a comprehensive estate plan.

It’s much better to embrace the fact that the unexpected is possible and make decisions that are best for your family in a calm and informed manner. 

Please contact us today if it’s time to get your plan in place.

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