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Top 3 New Year's Moves

Hi Everyone,

Happy Wednesday!!! This week we're going to talk about shaping up in the New Year.

I've had a bunch of people ask me what are some quick things that they should do in... Read More

Digital Asset Planning

Hi Everyone,

Happy Wednesday!!! This week we're going to talk about your electronic legacy. Sure you have prepared your physical estate for the future, but have you thought about your... Read More

Documents for College Students

Hi Everyone,

Happy Wednesday!!! With graduation season upon us, I wanted to take the time to stress the importance of basic estate planning for your future college student. 

... Read More

Have You Avoided the 3Ds?

Hi Everyone,

Happy Wednesday!!! This week we are going to discuss the 3 D's to plan for in your estate plan.  Divorce, Disability, and Drugs - they're all out there.  Are you prepared?... Read More


Hi Everyone,

Happy Wednesday!!!  This Sunday, I will be participating in HOPEWalks, a fundraising event to support Newton-Wellesley Hospital's Vernon Cancer Center.  As many of you know,... Read More

Who Would You Choose?

Hi Everyone,

Happy Wednesday!!! This week, we are going to talk about choice. 

I'd like you to take a moment to think about the family and friends that you saw or talked to over the... Read More

If Miley Cyrus was your daughter.

Hi Everyone,

Happy Wednesday!!!  I know that this week marks back to school for many of you, so I wanted to wish you all a happy new school year!!! It's been so wonderful seeing everybody's... Read More