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Holidays and Beneficiaries

Hi Everybody,

Happy Wednesday!!! I hope all of those that were celebrating enjoyed their holiday weekend.  This weekend gives me hope that Spring is actually on the way!

After being... Read More

Take Hold of Your Holiday

Hi Everyone,

Happy Wednesday and Happy Holidays!

We are in full swing until the end of the year and we are soaking up every second during this beautiful holiday season.  It’s so easy... Read More

October's Full of Fun!!!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Wednesday!!!! This month has been very crazy with the new school year and getting back into the planning mindset.  Fall through the New Year tends to be our busiest time... Read More

Contain the Memories Within the Page

Hi Everyone!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!! In my last post, we discussed how we remember our departed loved ones. This week, I wanted to take time to discuss personal family histories... Read More

How Do You Remember Your Lost Loved Ones?

Hi Everyone,

Happy Wednesday!!! Well it’s August, the downward slope of summer is upon us I’m trying to enjoy every second of good weather..  Summertime was always my Dad’s favorite season... Read More

What Do I Need From The Paper Tornado?

Hi Everyone,

Happy Wednesday!!! I hope you all had a lovely Fourth of July.  We took some down time at FLP this week to enjoy the holiday and rejuvenate.  With only so many days of summer,... Read More